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28/08/2008 11:03:43

Online Gambling Attracts The Best People

When you noticed the above headline you may have done a double take and asked yourself what it meant. There is and always has been a stigma attached to gambling throughout the ages. This has unfortunately carried over to the world of online gambling.

Think about it. Have you ever noticed how when you mention to your friends or families that you spend time gambling online, how sometimes you get a 'concerned frown' and the following comment 'I hope you are not a compulsive online gambler'.

I don't know about you but I am fed up with the perception that online gamblers are all on the edge of financial doom and are spending their kids? college tuition. I have never been ashamed of or hidden the fact that I frequent online gambling casinos, however I started to notice that I was less inclined to volunteer this information to others.

That was before I read the results of a recent survey on what type of people online gamblers are. You will probably be surprised at the results which I have reproduced in part below:

1.??? Online casino gamblers save more money in general than non-gamblers.

2.??? Online casino gamblers have been proven to be better investors of their money than non-gamblers.

3.??? Online casino gamblers are better at managing their credit cards and sourcing cards with better interest rates. Yes, you heard it here first folks. We know how to budget better than non-gamblers.

4.??? Online casino gamblers make their own decisions regarding investments whereas non-gamblers consult with other people. It seems that frequenters of the best gambling casinos are more astute at making decisions and sticking to them.

5.??? Online casino gamblers travel more often than non-gamblers. This of course is to visit gambling centers such as Vegas or Reno etc. Any well seasoned traveler will tell you how traveling opens minds and broadens horizons.

6.??? Online casino gamblers are generally more passionate about sports than non-gamblers.

While there are more points in the favor of online gamblers, we are sure you get the point. Always remember that you have every right to proclaim that you are an online gambler and should never feel embarrassed by that fact or that gamblers make better people.

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